What Omotenashi feels like on the receiving end

There are many things one could write about regarding Japan's style of view on business, such as negotiations, loyal relationships or continuous improvement or 'kaizen', but today I want to focus on the politeness that is ubiquitous.

It contributes hugely to the Japanese to being world famous in their #customerservice. Entrepreneurs and managers everywhere should be keen to learn how they can adapt these small but powerful concepts to improve their own customer service experience.

Here is a quote from a great article about the experience in Japan from Bridget Brennan, Author of "Why she Buys".


"Make no mistake: Japan is a modern country with breathtaking technology built into everything from its bullet trains to its trash cans.  However, the country offers a great lesson in the fact that no matter how fast technology changes, there are certain things that don’t:  feeling appreciated, having a sensory experience and being on the receiving end of kindness and enthusiasm are all things that people want from a shopping experience" 


"Before I went to Japan for the first time, I was told by well-traveled friends to expect a level of customer service so polished and comprehensive that even the most basic transactions can take on a ceremonious air."

I am not sure I could sum it up better. But nevertheless I shall continue to endeavour to do just that!