I'm Paul Willis

I spent 27 years in professional services roles living in six countries across the Far East.  During those years I had the pleasure of travelling across much of Japan, enjoying their warm hospitality and extraordinary customer service.

Returning to live again back in Europe, you couldn't help but notice that a whole new industry and profession had appeared. And the growing commercial awareness that Customer eXperience and service are the lifeblood of successful and growing businesses. But I also noticed a huge gap in the consistency between Europe and the customer service I had personally experienced in the Far East. Noticeably across Thailand but in Japan in particular. 

This inspired me to go back to actually live in Japan for a few months to re-experience the world's gold-standard customer service culture. I wanted to see what they do outside of business hotels I used to stay in, and understand how they do it so consistently, at all price points in all contexts. And I'd need to learn some Japanese for that!

Back in Japan, I quickly came across a word for this extraordinary service philosophy. They call it Omotenashi

But the word has now been taken on by marketers and copywriters to mean all things to all people. I also realised that the consistently amazing experience comes from much more than their polite, considerate service. So I put together a model of their service philosophies, attitudes and behaviours so we in the west might adopt, adapt and learn to manage them.

I use this experience and material to motivate Customer Service and Customer eXperience professionals in U.K. to use this extraordinary Japanese service culture example to get inspired, get their teams engaged and get passionate about taking their service delivery to a higher level.

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