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I spent 3 decades living in the Far East before returning to Europe, and had the pleasure of travelling across much of Japan, enjoying their warm hospitality and extraordinary service.

Meanwhile, a whole new discipline and profession has appeared while I was gone. Customer eXperience !

But there are some differences between Europe and Japan. While there is plenty of amazing hospitality and service in the west, it just seems more.... consistent in Japan. And you find it at every price point, not just in luxury settings. From "Kombini" convenience stores to expensive restaurants, humble student hostels to 5* hotels. The service is excellent. Consistently.

Wanting to better understand how and why, I went back to live in Japan for a while to find out what is going on. How they do it so consistently.

And I'd need to learn some Japanese for that!

Back in Japan, I soon came across a word for this extraordinary service philosophy. They call it "Omotenashi". And what is so impressive is the pride and self-esteem you see in everybody in service roles. So I decided to find out what really goes in to it. What makes it work so consistently.

To share what it is and how it's done.

And finally to create a fun brand for those of us who believe in delivering heartfelt service to share our philosophy and pride in our professions.

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