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Adapt the Art of giving Extraordinary Customer Service

Topical, thought-provoking and entertaining, these informative workshops get past the 'Omotenashi' marketing buzzword to reveal in detail what is inside the black box of the extraordinary Japanese Customer Service Model.

They will inspire you and your teams to take your  CS to the next level here in U.K.

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Omotenashi. A service mindset that benefits givers and receivers

My short form presentation is prepared for and customised to your industry and audience. It uses the example of the extraordinary "Omotenashi" customer service culture in Japan to inform, inspire and motivate your teams to think more deeply about their own service culture.

Drop me a line for more information and how I can customise this interesting material to suit your training needs.  


What Japan can teach us about Extraordinary Customer Service

A interactive workshop customised to your business sector needs, designed to complement your existing Learning & Development programme. Perfect for team-building away days. 

This fascinating workshop will get your customer service teams engaged, enthused and interested in the whole important subject. 

Contact us to find out more.

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