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Tailored to your service sector's needs.

Our enjoyable live webinar uses the Omotenashi example of extraordinary Customer eXperience.
To engage and inspire your teams. Click on the image to learn about the outline.

It then takes you on a service culture journey.

We show how all elements of Customer eXperience actually come from Customer Service.

And how the Japanese have cultural habits and skills that make them very good at it:-


A greetings culture

A culture of apologising

A culture of active listening

A culture of polite speech

And more.


But they are all skills we already have and can polish up to a higher level.




We then focus on the key skills in your sector.

Showing how delivering extraordinary customer experiences doesn't have to be emotionally tiring.

Leading to less burnout,

increased customer satisfaction and retention

and most importantly, lower staff  turnover.


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