It's the little quiet gestures of kindness that really count

It really is the little gestures that make all the difference. This is, in my opinion, the essence of #omotenashi and the #customerexperience that comes from it.

Not the big, flamboyant expressions of welcome, nor even experiences such as the unexpected presentation of a birthday cake in a restaurant. Extroverts enjoy that form of service and treatment. But we're not all extroverts. Or, to put it more accurately, we're not all in an extrovert frame of mind all the time.

They all count, no doubt, but no....

It's the little gestures that are unasked for, done without waiting on a "thanks!" in settings where you don't tip - delivered by customer service professionals day in day out. Gestures that make a silent connection and make our lives feel good.

Today was the turn of the two ladies in the very pleasant and conveniently located Starbucks Silverstone. 

I'd walked in and claimed myself the last table prior to making my order and in the process had cleared away a couple of disposable cups and put them in the bin. As you do! One of the busy ladies behind the counter saw this and gave me a brief look of appreciation. Nothing more. And proceeded to discreetly prepare and hand me my usual large Americano before I had got to the cashier.

Omedetougoziemas and Arigatou - congratulations and thanks for your kindness.

That was a little moment of #omotenashi

#omotenashi #customerservice