Omotenashi culture PODCAST 

About a month ago I had the great pleasure of recording a podcast about #OMOTENASHI with a real expert on Japanese culture, my new friend and Japan-based LinkedIn connection Andrew Hankinson

After a couple of weeks editing, the final result is available for all to hear. 

Andrew has an excellent regular podcast on all things Japanese - culture, business related, miscellaneous insights and so on.

Andrew's Podcast

Andrew's a highly experienced long term resident of Japan, a fluent Japanese speaker who knows the culture better than I ever will, so the questions he led with were insightful, illuminating and challenging! He certainly made me think about my answers and I also learned a lot about his perspective on life in Japan. The result was very enjoyable for me and I hope him, too.

This was the first podcast I have ever done, and was challenging, not least because the video conferencing connection was a bit patchy from my end. But from his end everything came through clearly and with his excellent editing we had a great chat together about what #omotenashi actually is and how Japanese and westerners might experience it through different cultural lenses.

What was important for me was to distinguish between the Japanese Hospitality Culture and the wider Japanese customer experience it delivers across all their customer facing commercial contexts. I hope I succeeded in a small way.

I hope you all enjoy it. Here's the link, again.