"Positive Endpoints"


Here in the west, MBA equipped "customer experience" consultants evangelise in impenetrable buzzword jargon about about the importance of "positive endpoints" in the "customer Journey" - (Translation  - about how the "goodbye at the end" represents the best opportunity to connect with your customer.) All as if this is some kind of ground-breaking rocket-science insight. 


Meanwhile, in Japan, they do this routinely as a natural part of their extraordinary "Omotenashi" customer service culture. With a polite bow and a smile.  "When the young sales associate walked me out to the sidewalk to bow and thank me for coming into the store, I knew I wasn’t in Chicago anymore.  After all, I hadn’t even bought anything."


We have so much to learn....while the most effective behaviours in the world's best-practice customer service culture example are there for all to see. Right in front of our eyes.