The Omotenashi Academy



You obviously have a deep interest in delivering great professional hospitality and service.

Which means you already have The Omotenashi Spirit.

The first step on the "The Omotenashi Way"


And you'll certainly have some of the key skills, but maybe not all of them.

Perhaps you're a "natural" but don't know how skillful you really are.



Understand why giving selfless service is empowering


Adopt the winning attitudes


Polish the Key Skills by learning...

"what they actually are"

"how to perfect them"

"why they work"

Key Omotenashi Skills

Mastering your own emotion state. By understanding personas.
Greetings. Mastering your many interactions.
Polite speech. And polite body language.
Active listening. Listening to understand. And showing it.
Giving apologies. It's not personal.
Anticipating needs. Mitigating anxieties.
On being empathetic. Why it is often difficult.
Mindfulness. It's not about yours. It's about theirs.

Corporate Webinar

The Art of Extraordinary Customer Service

Thought-provoking and entertaining, this customisable webinar gets past the 'Omotenashi' buzzword to reveal what is inside the black box of the extraordinary Japanese Customer eXperience Model.

It will inspire you and your teams to take your  CS to the next level here in U.K.

Learn more here.

elearning Course

The Science and Art of Omotenashi

This soon to be released elearning course covers everything there is to learn about the culture, art and science behind the world's best hospitality and customer service culture.

Put some structure around on your hospitality skills and add a professional credential to your C.V. 

Learn more here.

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