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Omotenashi is not a "concept", nor a nostalgic memory of hospitality from a bygone era in Japan. It's a living hospitality and service culture, very commercially relevant in multiple sectors and delighting the most demanding guests and customers in the world.

This unique eLearning course starts with the attitudes and behaviours that make Omotenashi such a consistent and effective philosophy and then builds on them to meet the western social and cultural context.


  • The course introduces Japan, its history and high-context culture.
  • It explains "Omotenashi". From ethos to guest experience.
  • Comparing this service psychology with western hospitality.
  • Teaching a range of new hospitality skills you can adopt. 


Learn what the Japanese do and the "why" behind the service culture. Then see how these techniques work and how to adapt them to a western setting.

  • Omotenashi? Hospitality? The difference.
  • Build the mindset into your setting.
  • Being empathic and also highly effective.
  • The secret behind anticipatory service.
  • High-context communication skills.
  • The dual aspects of mindfulness practice.
  • Body language mastery.
  • Delighting "The Forgotten 20%".

15 x 3 section MODULES

  • Videos to introduce concepts and topics.
  • Quizzes to reinforce your learning.
  • Interactivity to make learning enjoyable.
  • Links to additional information.



  • You're a polished professional.
  • In a prestigious hospitality setting.
  • In a front-line customer-facing role.
  • Continuously developing professionally.
  • Always acquiring new credentials.
  • Open to ideas from other cultures.

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