The Omotenashi Olympics

It is not entirely clear at the moment if Omotenashi will be an official Olympics slogan or if they will come up with something different. What is clear is that this word and the concept it represents has already become closely associated with the event and will continue to be a part of the way Japanese Hospitality will be promoted.

Tokyo Olympics Omotenashi Speech

Transcription of the speech

We will offer you a unique welcome.
In Japanese, I can describe it in one unique word: omotenashi.
It means a spirit of selfless hospitality…
One that dates back to our ancestors…
Yet is ingrained in Japan’s ultra-modern culture.
‘Omotenashi’ explains why Japanese people take care of each other… and our guests… so well.
Let me give you just one example.
If you lose something, you will almost certainly get it back.
Even cash.
In fact, last year, more than 30 million US dollars in lost cash was handed in to Tokyo police.
Tokyo is the safest city in the world, according to a recent survey of 75,000 global travellers.
They also voted Tokyo number one for:
• best public transport
• cleanest streets
….and even the friendliest taxi drivers.
In every district, you will see these assets.
Traditional eastern culture
And the best in western shopping and restaurants, in the city with the biggest number of Michelin Stars in the world …
All combined in a futuristic cityscape.
The Odaiba district, where I work, is the heart of our vision for the first-ever ‘downtown’ Games…
Fully integrated with the city-centre…
so that culture, life and sport come together in a unique way.
Fan trails… live sites… and non-ticketed events will link many venues…
creating an incredible atmosphere…
and providing every visitor with memories to last a lifetime.

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