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Omotenashi Hospitality Culture

This one day interactive workshop for anyone who is responsible for the delivery of service to customers. This workshop takes a refreshing new look at customer service, inspired by the Japanese concept of Omotenashi. We include: Preparing your environment, What is hospitality, The impact of feelings on the bottom line, Self-awareness and habits, Creating an impression, Being in the moment; using your senses, Adjusting and adapting and Through different eyes – observing and experiencing service.

Benefits of attending

This workshop will help you to:

  • Understand the Omotenashi concept of heartfelt service
  • Choose your mindset
  • Become more aware of yourself and your customers
  • Pay attention to the little details that make a big difference
  • Observe others delivering service, and analyse what’s working and what isn’t – and why

Brief Outline

This workshop takes a refreshing new look at customer service, inspired by the Japanese concept of Omotenashi. We include:

  • Preparing your environment
  • What is hospitality?
  • The impact of feelings on the bottom line
  • Self-awareness and habits
  • Creating an impression
  • Being in the moment; using your senses
  • Adjusting and adapting
  • Through different eyes – observing and experiencing service

Course Type: Workshop

... is the Japanese word for "extraordinary guest hospitality and service". It's known the world over for its attention to detail, tireless "can do" spirit and exceptionally high standards.

Helpfully, the philosophies, attitudes and service behaviours behind it all have labels – a special word, a 漢字 Kanji character or a proverbial expression that often has no direct word English translation.


In these unprecedented times, even with some light at the end of the tunnel, many  people in hospitality careers will be wondering what the "New Normal" in the industry will look like. Can the industry still give them the financial and career security they need into the future.

This weekly online course is full of interesting ideas and insights. It introduces the example of ”OMOTENASHI” hospitality culture as a tool to inform, inspire and re-engage teams with the spirit of hospitality.

The course begins and ends with the Japanese concept called "Ikigai  生き甲斐" - similar in meaning to a person's "raison d'etre" - and asks the question , "Is a rewarding career in Hospitality your IKIGAI"?  


Ikigai  - 生甲斐

Discover Ikigai and how to find your own in the rewarding world of hospitality

Fascinating Japan!

  • How Japan's unique history created its extraordinary hospitality culture
  • Japan. The world's #1 high-context culture.  Meaning?
  • How its polite language lies behind its service ethos

Japanese Hospitality Culture

  • The hospitality culture in Ryokan - traditional Japanese Inns
  • The Tea Ceremony - how service rituals create great experiences
  • Zen and the art of hospitality


お    様  は    様  です 

  • What "kyaku" is and the meaning of the rest of the saying
  • So, in Japan, the customer is NOT "King"?
  • How the Okyakusama philosophy works in practice 

Omotenashi - おもてなし


  • Find out what "Omotenashi" has recently come to mean
  • Now discover its real meaning - a powerful life philosophy
  • The model behind the Omotenashi Customer eXperience


Ishin Denshin 以心伝心 - 

  • Discover what this beautiful proverb means
  • "Heart to Heart" or "Mind to Mind". Both?
  • Understand the meaning of Kūkiyomenai

Aisatsu 挨拶 Japanese Greetings culture

  • "What do you say after you say hello?"
  • Discover the Diamond Rule beyond the Golden Rule
  • What does "The Serial Position" have to do with greetings?

Aizuchi 相槌 - The fine art of Active Listening

  • What exactly is Phatic Communication?
  • How and why to do it really well!
  • Is it what you say or when you say it? Or both?

Body Language

  • Learn about the Japanese approach to body language
  • How controlling your own helps read it effectively in others
  • How to avoid sending mixed messages

Ikigai  #2  生甲斐

Is being an effective communicator part of your personal Ikigai?



  • Where does empathy come from?
  • What is the difference between empathy and sympathy?
  • Taking control with "Tactical Empathy"


  • Taking it beyond basic anticipatory service skills
  • Managing your guest's state of "mindfulness"
  • Managing your own state of "mindfulness"

Service Heaven for the forgotten 20%

  • Who they are and why we forget them
  • Why Japan is service heaven for them
  • The challenges and opportunities in delighting them

Ichi go Ichi e     一期一会

  • "One time: One Meeting." A unique hospitality philosophy
  • Understand the simple but deep idea behind the proverb
  • Putting 一期一会  into practice

Ikigai  #3  生き甲斐

  • So. Is delivering empathetic hospitality"part of your Ikigai?
  • Find out how Omotenashi and Ikigai are related
  • Beyond "Sayonara" 10 ways Japanese say goodbye

Online Course Pricing and delivery Format

Contact us for our reasonable pricing for the three module programme for yourself or your hospitality service teams.  Each of the 3-part sections are delivered once each week in video-narrated presentation format. The course therefore takes 13 weeks and comes with a certificate of completion for each participant.

For teams, I includes an initial consultancy with LnD and HR leadership to explore any additional areas of skills development or change of emphasis that your operation might like to incorporate. 

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