Digital Omotenashi

The 'technology' behind 'Omotenashi' is just as applicable online as it is in face to face customer service contexts.

Because one of the core insights is that 'customers' are actually 'guests'. The online 'customer' is now to be  treated as an honoured guest in your 'online establishment' and accorded all the proactive needs-servicing, tolerance and heartfelt consideration that a guest in your own home would expect to receive.

Not surprisingly, there are already consultancies which promote the idea of "Digital Omotenashi".

The first page of a website is called your HOME PAGE where you invite your customer (now your virtual guest) into your online home. From there on it is your duty to make them feel at home, understand their way around and know how to ask for your assistance if they need it. The emergence of online chat and Live Help applications illustrates this.

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