Hospitality and Retail Customer Service Training Workshops



Japanese Customer Service is unmatched, awesome and inspiring.

It's all about extraordinary service delivered by teams with high levels of self-esteem.

The Japanese call it OMOTENASHI and are using the philosophy to promote the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


I spent 27 years living and working in the Far East in professional service roles.

Researched customer service in Japan from a western management perspective.

And created a model of their service which explains why the customer experience feels so good.


Using the example of extraordinary Japanese service to get your team's attention and engagement

I deliver entertaining multimedia customer service training programmes.

They can be tailored to suit group size and include the degree of interactivity as you require.

Drawing on a wide range of thought-provoking examples of extraordinary customer service from across the Far East region the workshop will inform, educate, motivate and inspire your customer service team.

It will challenge your teams to think about your current service levels and activities and help them to develop ideas to take your customer service and customer experience to the next level.

*  With my 27 years living and working in the Far East I love presenting , speaking clearly with humour and patience, to groups that don't have English as their first language.

My workshops are always tailored to your specific needs by consulting with you initially to align content to your team's training challenges. ....


Who should attend?

.  Customer Service Management

.  Customer Facing Service Staff