A culture of self-respect and good manners is contagious

I really love this story. Almost as much as I love watching Rugby!

Those of us who love Japanese culture and have been following the Rugby World Cup 2019 there will have probably come across stories about how the Japanese fans go around their stadiums (stadia?!) – picking up litter at the end of the game.

Actually, I recently posted one.

Japanese fans pick up litter

You can’t read them without coming away with a couple of observations.

1. Isn’t that a great advertisment for Japanese culture!
2. Wouldn’t it be nice if our fans did that here…. back in Europe, and other places.

Well, in the spirit of giving credit where it’s due, here is a nice story about Irish Rugby fans doing the same thing in Japan. And it should also be noted that these Irish fans are earning the praise of the Japanese for their approach to the game, sport in general and their “joie de vivre” – which they call “Craic”.

Irish fans winning friends in Japan

Is it just possible that there is something about  a culture of self-respect that is… Dare I say it?  – Contagious? 

And if so, might there be some commercial lessons for us in that observation?