Japanese style “mixology” comes to USA

Everything the Japanese touch, turns to art.


One of the key ingredients in the Japanese approach to delivering a great customer experience is their attention to detail and their habit of turning everything they do into a form of art.

Whether that is artistically created culinary dishes or in this case artistically created cocktails. But there is also a whole range of “Service Process Performance Art” exhibitions such as the Shinkansen cleaning 7 minute miracle  and this amazing young lady creating rice dumplings

What all these activities have in common is that they raise the mundane to the sublime. They raise the person creating the moment from a “worker” to an artist and in the process give that  person’s life a higher purpose, to daily seek artistic perfection in the performance of their craft.

There are two Japanese words around these ideas. “Kodawari” is a word used to express the idea of a relentless and almost obsessive pursuit of perfection and “Kata“, a word meaning “form”. The kind of perfect “form” that comes from hundreds of repetitions.

Both of these ideas are component parts of the wider culture of delivering an amazing customer experience in Japan that they call “Omotenashi”.

It is no surprise, therefore, that two of the bars in this interesting article describe themselves as providing an “omotenashi” style customer service.