Which city has the most Michelin Stars?

Once you understand the Japanese Customer Experience ethos that goes by the marketing buzzword "Omotenashi", it is not difficult to guess which city comes first in the number of Michelin Stars....

Tokyo comes 1st, with more than twice the number of Michelin stars than 2nd place Paris. And of the top 19 cities, 4 are in Japan. Whereas their extraordinary 'customer service' is not one of the criteria by which Michelin Star restaurants are rated and given stars, an obsession with detail and the aesthetic is part and parcel of everything they do.

They have a word for this philosophy. It's 'Kodawari'. It's one part of the overall customer experience model they operate to. And what better way to honour your customers than by preparing culinary masterpieces with supreme care, relentless attention to detail and only the very freshest ingredients. おいしい


Most Michelin Stars?