Intro to OMOTENASHI customer service

Omotenashi: The Secret of Japanese Service

Here's a well-written blog article that captures some of the flavour of the global gold-standard Japanese customer service and briefly introduces the "OMOTENASHI" word without going in to too much depth.

In doing so it serves as a good introduction for those professionally interested in the extraordinary service culture in Japan.


The article succinctly covers a number of the key aspects of the subject, from the 'equality of service' that would see you or I receive the same gracious service as President Obama did, to the way in which the service etiquette is beginning to be exported through brands such as UNIQLO

All in all, worth a quick read!

Want to know more?

If you are in a customer service / hospitality profession and this subject interests, why not consider attending one of our upcoming ½ day workshops to add an in depth understanding to your professional credentials?

You'll gain a professional understanding the specific customer service attitudes and resulting behaviours that combine to create a truly extraordinary customer experience and then understand how to apply them to your customer service context here in U.K.

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